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Jeannie Weber  

Contact us to purchase Nu Skin & Pharmanex Products
Jeannie Weber
Toll Free 1-877-484-6248

There are 3 ways you can receive a 30% discount on
Pharmanex wellness and Nu Skin Anti-Aging products.

1. I order with my Distributor Ids:

Call me Toll Free 1-877-484-6248 or email me at and I will order products at the distributor - representative discount and have the products sent directly to you. If I am not available I will get back to you within 12 hours. Please leave a number for day and evening, so that I may get back to you as soon as possible.

2. Sign-up as a distributor on one of my sites below and become a distributor yourself.

The first year's fee is being waived with your first purchase of $35 or more. There are no minimums to buy every month and no hassle from the company. The second year they will charge a $20 materials fee but will be taken in small increments as you place orders - 3% of every order until that total hits $20 ...which would be about $650 in product orders. So if you don't hit $650 in orders you don't pay the full $20 materials fee.

How to Sign Up as a Distributor:
- Go to my personal NuSkin/ Pharmanex website:
- Find your country in the drop down - Click SIGN UP
- Choose New Distributor, hit "Register"
- Choose Personal Distributor Account click "continue"
- Click I agree.
- Select a Username and Password.
You will need to use your Username and Password to login each time you shop online or access password protected areas of the website. Click "continue".
-Enter Your Applicant Information, click continue and verify that your information is correct. Choose "Create Your Account".
The computer will generate an identification number, please write it down and keep your username and password as well.
- Go shopping - discounted prices will appear below the retail prices on the web page.

NOTE: *Prices on the internet are already 5% off the catalog
* NuSkin prices are reduced another 30%
* Pharmanex prices are reduced another 25%.

NOTE: Shipping is also reduced up to 50% off of all orders placed on the internet vs orders placed on the phone to the order lines.

3. Sign up as a Privileged Member customer
This is a Rewards program -(similar to Frequent Flyer points)

- You agree to give your credit card info for a monthly Automatic product Delivery
- No minimum order - Have the same products shipped every month or adjust your order as needed
- Receive WHOLESALE pricing.
- A reduced FIXED shipping cost
- Change your ship date as needed between the 1-25th day of the month
- Earn Product REWARD points.

Automatic Delivery Reward points:
For Customers and Distributors both!

1.) Earn points based on total order price before taxes.
* Earn 20% for the first year and then after 12 months, you earn 30%.

2.) Maximum points one account may earn per month is $75 in points...over a year that is $950 in FREE products.

3.) The program may be put on hold 3 times per year and you won't lose your points.
You may quit anytime you want no obligation.
(I would suggest you use your points up before you quit.)

4.) Reward points may only be used on whole products. If something cost $13 you must have 13 points.
You may not use $10 in product rewards and only pay $3.

5.) Points accumulate as you go and are credited the next month.

Please call me to sign up for this wonderful program of getting Nu Skin and Pharmanex products at a Discount!!

Jeannie Weber
Toll Free 1-877-484-6248
We are a global skin care company operating in many different countries.  Whether you are located in Los Angeles, CA, Colombia, Spain, or Asia, shoot us an email and see if we can help you with any of your anti-aging and health needs.

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