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Gracie Square Hospital  
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Short Term Adult Psychiatry Unit
This adult psychiatric program provides short-term hospitalization to the acutely ill psychiatric patient. Operating under the belief that no patient should spend more time in a hospital than necessary, the Program is characterized by rapid in-depth evaluations and immediate initiation of treatment. The program swiftly and effectively stabilizes acute symptoms thereby making it possible for patients to leave the hospital and continue treatment in a less restrictive outpatient setting.

The expert medical, psychiatric, clinical, and nursing staff at Gracie Square Hospital conduct a thorough evaluation of each patient's physical and psychological condition immediately upon admission into the Program. Past treatment experiences are investigated and family members are interviewed. A comprehensive, individualized multidisciplinary treatment plan is formulated, targeting the most acutely debilitating behaviors and symptoms. Utilizing the most advanced knowledge and techniques, the team initiates focused, goal-directed interventions, which may include psychopharmacology, crisis intervention, and stabilization of acute medical conditions. In order to prepare for a smooth transition to the next phase of treatment, discharge planning is begun at the time of admission. Through our direct and affiliated involvements with partial hospitalization programs, intensive outpatient clinics, and individual providers, we are able to effect the most appropriate and timely referrals, as well as provide comprehensive information about available community resources.

Services Provided

  • Complete psychiatric diagnostic evaluation
  • Comprehensive medical and neurological examination, laboratory and other medical tests as indicated
  • Individualized treatment plan
  • Multidisciplinary treatment of psychiatric symptoms
  • Nutritional evaluation and dietary education
  • Kosher and all special diets
  • Group psychotherapy
  • Therapeutic activities
  • Family interventions when appropriate
  • Medication compliance and relapse prevention groups
  • Comprehensive discharge planning, including partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient referrals
  • 24-hour, seven-day-a-week on-site coverage by an internist and a psychiatrist

Patients are accepted from a variety of sources, including managed care providers, Health Maintenance Organizations, medical hospitals, the community, and private doctors. Private credentialed psychiatrists may admit and treat their own patients in the Program.

Diagnoses Treated:
While all psychiatric diagnoses are accepted for treatment, the most common diagnoses in the program are psychotic, bipolar and major depressive disorders, often accompanied by suicidal ideation, agitation and poor behavioral control. Patients who suffer from concomitant psychiatric illness and chemical dependence may be evaluated for transfer to our inpatient Dual Focus program.

The Multidisciplinary Treatment Team:
The overall structure and orientation of the Program have been specifically organized to meet the needs of the psychiatric patient suffering from an acute psychotic, manic or depressive episode. A Multidiciplinary Treatment Team, trained in the special needs of this population, is integral to each patient's care. Each patient receives an individualized Treatment Plan, based upon evaluations and assessments from members of the Treatment Team, which includes a Board Certified Attending Psychiatrist, a Primary Medical Physician, a Psychiatric Nurse Specialist, a Psychologist, a Psychiatric Social Worker, a Nutritionist and an Activities Therapist. When necessary, consultations with other medical and addictive disease specialists are performed.

Treatment Modalities:
The treatment modalities available include medication, group therapy, milieu therapy, and individual therapy. The individual therapy may be supportive, behavioral, insight-oriented or some combination of these. Psychoeducation, family interventions and relapse prevention training are also provided.

Discharge Planning:
Discharge planning is performed for all patients and includes an assessment of needs, referral for aftercare, and information about appropriate community resources. Many patients benefit from referrals to partial hospitalization programs as a means of reducing time spent in the hospital and providing a firm basis for continued intensive therapeutic interventions and ongoing medication management. Staff works closely with managed care companies to plan aftercare treatment which will most effectively utilize available resources in a cost-effective and productive manner.

For further information Contact Us at Gracie Square Hospital
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