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Karla With a K (Edward)  

Smile! It's Karla's Pix never know when you might appear!

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Karla With a K- July 2013
My latest headshot. July 2013. Still in the game. Even in Virginia. Working the East Coast, as best I can. I know I'll continue learning in the process...

Noah Ballard
Born August 13, 2012

Karla enjoying the show...
Working as a Reporter at Models Around The World TV Show and Magazine. Universal City Walk, CA. July 2008

Karla Working Backstage
At the Models Around The World TV Show and Magazine, Karla interviewed models, designers and performers for the TV show. Universal City Walk, CA. July 2008

Karla Backstage with Models
Karla caught by surprise while interviewing a model backstage, at the Models Around The World TV Show and Magazine. Universal City Walk, CA. July 2008

Models Around The World Fashion Show
Fashion Show finale at the Models Around The World TV Show and Magazine. Universal City Walk, CA. July 2008

Comedian, Ricky Harris
Ricky Harris performs his Stand Up Comedy at the Models Around The World TV Show and Magazine. Universal City Walk, CA. July 2008

Karla Interviews Model
Karla interviews a model backstage in the Models Around The World TV Show and Magazine. Universal City Walk, CA. July 2008

DL's part of his craft.
D. L. Hughley, backstage at the Richmond Funny Bone, VA.

Comedian Bo Dacious
Norfolk, VA native, Bo Dacious, opened for D. L. Hughley at the Richmond, VA Funny Bone Comedy Club, Sunday, July 15, 2012.

Comedians Corey Marshall and D. L. Hughley
At the Richmond Funny Bone, July 15, 2012.

D.L.Hughley backstage
At the Richmond, VA Funny Bone Comedy Club, D. L. was passionately philosophizing on the current state of he sees it!

Karla With a K, Short Auburn
AMTC Photo Shoot

Karla With a K-Corporate Look

Conservative Black Woman
Karla With a K w/Ponytail
Terry Wilson, Photographer.

Karla, Ty and Vanessa
Karla, actor, Ty Granderson, and Vanessa at Director, Claude Purdy's Memorial Service
at the Los Angeles Theater Center (LATC),
D'town L. A. August 2009.

Karla With a K, Short Cropped Do
Photographer, Andreas Branch

JASPER is a Tea Cup Chihuahua who lives in Corona, CA with his parents, Drs. Tim & Shuntay Ballard! Jasper now has a sister, Nya and a brother coming soon, in August 2012! Congratulations to the growing family!

Karla With a K, Curly Hair
Commercial Headshot.
Photographer, Andreas Branch

Karla and Joe Mantangna

Mounted Police wait in the cut in Jena...
These police men were positioned down the driveway of an A-1 Mini-Storage as if we would not be aware of our Jena, LA, a town who regards nooses hanging in trees, as childish games.

The old guard stands by in Jena...
There is one Black police officer in Jena, LA. The town shipped in Black officers to give the appearance of legal equity. These are the same adults who think a noose is a "childish prank." The kids aren't the ones who created the rope "trick."
I wonder if any of these men know where Reed Walters is hiding.

Getting off the bus in Jena, LA

A Tree in Jena, LA...
We saw many trees like this in the LaSalle Parish Courthouse front lawn where thousands gathered to summon the cowardly District Attorney, Reed Walters, who was conspicuously absent on Thursday, Sept. 20, 2007, the day he was to sentence Mychal Bell.

A memorable placard in Jena, LA...

Karla With a K "getting on the bus"... Jena, LA on Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2007 with the crew from Los Angeles, CA. We'll be joining radio personality, Michael Baisden, Al Sharpton and other dedicated activists, on this journey toward justice!

It started with a tree and grew into a movement...
Jena, Louisiana, Thursday, Sept. 20, 2007.

Clinton MS students
Yahshua, Michelle, Brenda, Dylan, Alma, Raisa, Ms. Edward and Kevin.

Dichotomy of Birds

I Surrender!

Sibling Rivals-Artwork
by Phoebe Beasley, Los Angeles, CA

Rev. Lewis Logan, Christian - Min. Tony Muhammad, Muslim
Co-Directors of Community Call to Action and Accountability (CC2AA)  Rev. Lewis Logan, Pastor of Ruach Christian Community Fellowship and Minister Tony Muhammad of Mosque #27, both in Los Angeles, CA, bring together Christians and Muslims seeking justice in the Los Angeles Community.

LAUSD Officials and Community @ UNITY RALLY
District 7 Superintendent Dr. Sylvia Rouseau, Locke Principal, Dr. Frank Wells, Min. Tony Muhammad, Mosque #27, and Community Activist and Talk Show Host, Earl Ofari Hutchinson show their concerns at the Unity Rally for Deliesh Allen.

Deliesh Allen's Family at Unity Rally
Deliesh Allen, a 9th grader at Locke High School, was shot down by a random bullet fired by a gang banger, as she waited for her ride home from school.  Two weeks later her precious life was gone.

Locke H. S. and Teach For America
Teach For America and Ms. Karla (With a K) Edward's Locke High School Summer Art Classes, Drawing and Painting, host an Art Show and Reception to show appreciation to one another for the art we all learned about:
  • Mbuti African Art - African tribe that illustrates their reverence for nature using small abstract symbols.
  • Egyptian Art - Wealth and power are depicted in the posture and position of the body.  Profile and straight shoulders indicate strength of character.
  • Black Arts Movement - vehicle for political action through art.
  • Picasso - famous for his cubist style of art.
  • Vincent VanGogh -  depressed, probably bi-polar artist; cut off his ear over a woman
  • Salvador Dali - Spanish artist that feigned insanity to tap into his most creative states.  Successful artist, sold thousands of paintings, unlike VanGogh who only sold one in his lifetime.
  • Pop Art - Andy Warhol painted subjects like Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, the Campbell's Soup can and a self-portrait.  Popular icons of the time.  Contemporary symbols.

  • Clifton Powell, Karla With a K, Glynn Turman
    Presenting an award at an award show in Los Angeles. It was a beautiful night! The event was al fresco with lights and water surrounding us. It was very nice being sandwiched this way between these two beautiful Black men. Don't they look good?!


    Michael Williams presents THE COMEDY ACT THEATRE celebrating Black History Month Sunday, Feb. 23, 1986 7:30PM Wilshire Ebell Theatre 4401 W. 8th St. Los Angeles.  Click on the picture to see the talented cast and crew associated with this project!  We all worked together to put on an awesome Black History Month show. 
    The C. A. T. kick started so many Black comedian's careers, as well as White comics who think they're Black. If only we were all willing to work together again...we'd have some talented minds creating some powerful content the media would eat up!
    C. A. T. logo by Mark Greenfield

    "South Of Where We Live"
    Fresno, CA 1991

    This is the Fresno cast of Kenneth B. Davis' "South Of Where We Live" produced in 1991. I played the role of Hazel Simpkin, the Facilitator. This performance was done in the midst of my writing  my book, "my steps to healing." I flew back to L. A. from Virginia to do the play. It was one of my most memorable moments on stage. If you read my book, you'll understand why...some of the actors on this classic flyer also played a primary role in my personal drama.

    Just having some fun with HAIR!
    photo by Gene Golden
    I've been through a lot of changes since KACE went off the air, trying to keep my performing career going and make a living at the same time. One night, yeah, it was one of those nights...I went looking for my audience and I found it in a comedy club! So I finally got the I'm doing Stand Up comedy now and I'm just feeling, well... you figure it out!

    What's Love Got to Do With It?
    Ask about the credit, benefits, baby's mamas and HIV testing, honey! Stay focused and keep it real!
    (Feeling a bit "Tina" in this picture.)
    photo by Gene Golden

    Karla With a K, Bishop Noel Jones and Rhonda Marie
    Karla and Rhonda Marie walking in excellence with Bishop Noel Jones, on Saturday, April 2, 2005.

    Master Sargeant, George W. Edward, 10/23/22-1/17/83
    U. S. Army, Ret.

    This is why I'm patriotic. My father was a proud military man until he retired. He then worked as a Sports Supervisor at the Petersburg Federal Reformatory, where former Mayor Marion Barry served a six-month sentence for cocaine possession.
    My father didn't have it easy, but he achieved a life to be proud of through his work ethic and his dedication to this country of which I am thankful and proud of.

    My Mother & Father's Award, 1965
    I always thought this was my mother getting an award by herself, but I read the info on the back this time and I now realize that it was an award my mother and father won TOGETHER! For home care and beautification, no less! The more I learn about my parents, the more I understand me.

    Last minute arrangements...8/1/02
    10 minutes later they were surrounded by a throng of young brothers. Now that's how to plan an evening! You work that technology, girls!

    Praise Dancing
    The scripture says it all.

    Just hanging around : )

    photo by Rhue Zachary Dayton, Ohio

    Winnie Mandela
    @ Urban Issues Forum, 2/21/01

    Beautiful Winnie Mandela, mother of South Africa shared her passion and commitment to her people at the Urban Issues Breakfast Forum, 2/21/01.
    Moderator:  Karla With a K
    Special Guest:  Ambassador Dianne Watson. 
    Program Coordinator:  Anthony Samad. 
    Publicity:  Sarah Harris
    photo by Malcolm Ali

    AABE Energy Crisis Forum
    I was honored to moderate the American Assn. of Blacks in Energy Crisis Forum at Southwest College.  The group was on the cutting edge of this very important topic and helped the community understand the impact of public policy on business.
    (The article is large enough for you to read, if you are interested in the details.)
    Southwest College, Los Angeles, CA. March 2001

    Nyra, Fredia, Denzel and Karla
    Now THIS was a cool Christmas party!!!! 1999.

    Karla, Mother Love and James Brown
    James Brown visting the KACE studios when Mother Love was doing her morning show with Rico Reed. (This was before Mother Love's hit TV talk show, "Forgive Or Forget.") 1996

    Karla and Comedian, Don "D. C." Curry


    NAACP Image Award
    Nomination Certificate

    In 1992, I was nominated by the NAACP Image Awards for Best Supporting Performance, Female, for my role in Stacy McClain's critically acclaimed stageplay, "Culture Shock."

    Me, Roland Wirt, Nyra Crenshaw
    We go waaaay back!!!

    Praise Him!
    The scripture says it all.

    THE MASTER PLAN-An Impediment to Action

    My parents, Doris and George Edward


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