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Poodle Rescue of California April 26, 2013


Summer Fun With Friends of All Colors - White, Apricot & Black Standard Poodles

Poodle Rescue of Southern California is a small volunteer rescue organization.  We specialize in helping poodles of all sizes, Toy, Miniature and Standard Poodles.  When ever possible we also rescue labradoodles, goldendoodles, and small poodle mixes.

OWNER SURRENDERS:  We try to accept as many owner surrenders as possible.   If you have a poodle, a goldendoodle or a labradoodle that you can no longer care for and are looking for help re-homing your dog, please consider a few things BEFORE you contact us.

  1. Am I really ready?  We are very busy and do not have time to counsel you on your decision.  Please talk to friends, neighbors or family if you are unsure and do what is best for you and your dog. 
  2. Can I drive the dog to Ventura County to drop off my dog?  If not, you need to call a transport company OR talk to us about options. 
  3. We CAN assure you if we have the responsiblity of re-homing your dog, we will find the best possible home for him or her. 


 Madeline 805 529-7405 or Heidi 805 647-6432


    1. Scroll down and look below to see our current dogs.
    2. Fill out and submit our online adoption application. 
    3. Call the person fostering the dog you are interested in adopting or keep checking our site until you see a dog you like and then call.  DO NOT wait for us to call you.

    ADOPTION FEE:  Services to care for sick and injured animals are not cheap and require a lot of time, effort and money.  There is an adoption fee ranging from $50 to $500 for our poodles and mixes.  As you can imagine our incoming dogs have every imaginable illness and injury and we make sure to get them healthy and in an adoptable state.  In addition, all of our dogs are spay/neutered, have shots, grooming and microchip.  Our funding system is called "averaging".  Your adoption fee not only helps support your rescue dog, but also helps the medically needy and older dogs.  One dog may only cost us $100 in Vet. services while another may cost us $2,000 or more.  Old dogs are less and our puppies, standards and standard mixes are usually $500, with the average adoption for mini's and toy's fee being $300 - $350. 

    OUT OF STATE:  We do adopt to people out of the area, but you need to be willing to drive or fly to Ventura County in Southern California to meet and adopt one of our dogs.  If you fly, you will need to have an airline approved kennel and the dog will need a transportation health certificate.

    Please Call!  We are behind in our applications so it really helps to call the person fostering the dog you are most interested in adopting.  Madeline  (805) 529-7405 **** Heidi (805) 647-6432


LADY---Silver Miniature Female

LADY is a senior purebred Miniature Poodle.  Her 98 year old owner could no longer care for LADY and was forced to give her up.  Lady is 12 years old and in good health, but takes medication for low thyroid.  We just cleaned her teeth, removed several small warts and growths and she is groomed and ready to come to your house and warm your sofa.  She is extremely sweet loves EVERYONE and is well behaved.  She needs YOUR RESCUE.

Call Madeline @ 805-529-7405


BARNEY(L)& BAILEY(R)--Male Miniature Poodles

BARNEY & BAILEY are purebred Miniature Poodle males.  They are litter brothers, not quite seven years old.  Barney and Bailey are housebroken and crate trained. They do not need to be adopted together.  They get along with other dogs and like children.  They are in perfect health and just had their teeth cleaned.  They are sweet and affectionate. Barney has been adopted,,but Bailey is still available. Call Madeline @805-629-7405


HAPPY--Before & After

Here is a photo of HAPPY as he looks now, next to the way he looked when he and his two matted, neglected sisters came to us two months ago.  They were brought to us by Good Samaritan neighbors of the people who actually owned the dogs.  The owners realized that they could not afford to take care of the dogs and gave them to the neighbors to bring to our rescue.  These babies had been fed and loved, but unfortunately, the owners did not have the knowledge or the finances to take care of three Poodles.  There is one male, 2 years old (pictured) and a one year old female left.  These are some of the sweetest most affectionate dogs we have ever had.  As you can see from his photo, his tail never stops wagging.  His name could only be HAPPY.  They have lived with children and were allowed to run inside and out through an open door, and the owner says they are housebroken.  Unfortuately they were also allowed to run all over the neighborhood.  They LOVE everyone, including children and other dogs. This boy weighs about 12 pounds. ADOPTED!!!




SOPHIA--Standard Poodle Female

Sophia is a purebred Standard Poodle female, about 3 years old.  She is a lover!  She gets along with all other dogs, including small ones.  She is affectionate, housebroken and well behaved.  Sophia weighs 44 pounds.  She will be gone quickly.



MILLIE & OWEN--Male and Female Poodles

MILLIE an OWEN are probably purebred Poodles.  They do not need to be adopted together.  Millie is A 9 pound Toy female and Owen is an 11 pound male.  They are less than one year old.  They were found running together in traffic.  They are very friendly and happy and would be good with other dogs of any size and love children.  They may need some housebreaking, but are already crate trained.  Millie is a super lap dog, and Owen is a very playful pup.


MINDEE--Apricot Standard Female

MINDEE is a 2 year old, purebred Standard Poodle female. She is friendly and outgoing and loves people and other dogs.  PHOTO LATER TODAY.



LOUIE--Purebred Miniature Male

LOUIE is a 6 month old, purebred, AKC Miniature Poodle male.  He is housebroken and loves all people and other dogs.  He does not care for cats.  He would be great with children.  His owner had a job transfer where she could not take Louie.  He is a wonderful dog.



CoCo and POET---Male Miniature Poodle Puppies

CoCo and POET are purebred male miniatue Poodle puppies, 4 months old.  They are adorable and loving.  They are crate trained and on their way to being housebroken.  They get along with other dogs and love everyone.  They can go together but it is not a requirement



HUNTER---Apricot Male Standard

HUNTER is a 2 year old purebred male Standard Poodle.  He is very large (29".)  Hunter was too energetic for his owner who was older and had a bad back.  Hunter loves to play with other dogs and loves children, However he is a little timid when first meeting strange men.  He is houssebroken and crate trained,but needs some work on his leash manners.



IVORY---Female Maltipoo

IVORY is a 12 week old female Maltipoo.  Ivory's owner was hospitalized shortly after purchasing her and there was no one home to care for Ivory.  She is outgong and adorable and likes other dogs.  She will probably be somewhere between 12-15 pounds at maturity, so she will be wonderful for children.  She won't be here long!



SHELLI---White Standard Female

SHELLI is a purebred, AKC registered white Standard Poodle female. She is 5 years old. Shelli is housebroken, loves everyone including children and gets along with other dogs.



ALEX & ANDRE--Standard Poodle Males

ALEX & ANDRE are purebred Standard Poodle males. They are avid tennis ball retrievers!  They are 6 and 7 years old and AKC registered. Their owner had to move to a small home with no yard and she felt they would be happier in another situation. They are happy, outgoing and have been well cared for. They are housebroken, well behaved and in great health. We would love to have Alex and Andre adopted together, but it is not required.  They are good with children and also other dogs.




Grady is a 25-30 pound male Poodle mix---possibly a Schnoodle (Schnauzer & Poodle.)  He is just over one year old.  Grady loves people and is a high energy dog who would be perfect for agility or to be your jogging partner.  He is equally happy just being petted and loved.  He is playful, he especially loves to "fetch." Grady is healthy and crate trained and probably housebroken. He will make a great family dog.



BELLE---Female Labradoodle

Belle was purchased by a family with a very small yard and not enough time to give to a new puppy.  Belle is a female Labradoodle just 4 months old.  She loves absolutely everyone including other dogs of all sizes.  She is crate trained and almost housebroken.  She will be gone quickly.



MILLIE---Small Miniature Female

MILLIE is an adorable small miniature female about 9 pounds.  She loves everyone and is good with other dogs and would be perfect for children.  Millie is just over one year old and is almost housebroken.  She is crate trained and leash broken.


Two Year Old Female

Two Year Old Female

This girl is probably the sister to the matted male in the photo above.  She is sweet beyond words and would be good with other dogs or children.  She weighs just 10 pounds.



ELLIE---Female Disney Dog

ELLIE is a 35 pound female Doodle-type mix. She is not yet 2 years old. Ellie loves all people including children, but does not get along with some other dogs. Ellie is housebroken and has been well cared for and LOVES to play with her toys!! ADOPTED!!!

POODLE RESCUE: Madeline: 1 (805) 529-7405 OR Heidi: (805) 647-6432
Email: [Phone call preferred!] Madeline:
[We do NOT check our email every day but we do return phone calls every day!]

Fax: 1 (805) 529-7340

Do you have a poodle you need us to find a new home for?
If so please do NOT email - instead PHONE one of us!
Madeline: 1 (805) 529-7405 or Heidi (805) 647-6432

Newsweek April 28, 2008: Shelters around the country kill 4 million animals every year; by some estimates, more than 80 percent of them are healthy.

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